ABOUT G614 granite

COMMERCIAL NAME: G614 granite, Padang grey granite
COLOR: Light Grey

Density: 2700 kgs / cubic meter
Water Absorption: 0.03%
Compressive Strength: 180 MPA
Flexural Strength: 37.6 MPA

Additional Names:China Brown Sardo,Dandelion White,G 614,Hongtang White,Hongtang Bai,Oriental Grey,Padang G 614,Padang Gray granite,Savannah Grey,Tongan White,White of Hongtang

Use of G614 granite,PADANG GREY GRANITE

Floor tiles

Inner wall panels

External wall cladding

Outdoor paving ,kerbstone , landscape stone

Countertops , worktops , Bench tops etc.

Following are main G614 granite Padang grey granite products in our granite factory

g614 padang grey granite slabs
G614 padang grey granite tiles
G614 padang grey granite paving
flamed g614 granite

G614 granite products

G614 granite as a light grey granite popular used in inner floor tiles, outdoor paving , inner wall panels, external wall cladding, bench and tables,stairs etc.

G614 granite is suitable for interior and exterior applications as products as following ,

Kitchen and bathroom countertops and vanity tops

Steps , floor tiles , wall cladding in innner and external .

Carvings and Granite signs for gulf course,GYM, garden, square.

Sinks and basins.

Slabs: 2400 mm up x 600 mm~75 mm , Gangsaw slabs 1400mm up x2400mm up , thickness 20 mm, 30 mm etc.
Flooring tiles : 305mm x305mm, 305mmx610 mm , thickness 5mm , 10 mm, 12 mm
Wall cladding, paving stone: 100 mm x 100mm, 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm , thickness 20mm, 30 mm,50mm, 100 mm .
Steps 330x1000~ 1500mmx30mm, 150 x 1000~1500 mm x 20mm
Countertops , vanity tops . worktops , specialize for kitchen and bathroom : 600x2400mm, 650 x 2400 mm and custimize specification according to drawings.


We are the leading supplier for G614 granite, we have our own quarry and professsional factory since 1992 .

We have our own quarry and cooperate quarries , to make sure stable supplyment .

Production capacity of G614 granite : 800~1200 square meters per month.

Equipment : Gang saw machine, disk saw , infrared ray cutting machine, Automatic polishing machine, Bridge Filling, Polishing, Grinding,Waterjet machine, hand polished machine etc.

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